Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering

SERAFIM Ltd offers consulting services in its core discipline: Reservoir Engineering. We work with oil and gas companies of all sizes and co-operate with other consultancies. SERAFIM Ltd offers a consultancy service with a difference. We specialise in applying mathematical thinking and methods to the specific reservoir(s) studied. Our mathematical and technical skills allow us to build algorithms to guide decision making. We approach projects with a systemic approach using all methods and information and taking account of their benefits and limitations. We work on projects involving: field development studies, reservoir simulations, production forecast, optimisation and reserves audit.

RE Consultancy with a difference

SERAFIM Ltd offers a unique consultancy service based on building a thorough understanding of the project and the application of mathematical thinking, methods and derivations in order to deepen that understanding. We work closely with our clients to build on their experience and insight. The end result is improved and innovative advice leading to better judgement, maximised returns and optimal business decisions. We also believe that the use of mathematical methods and tools allows us and our client to be pioneering and to learn more, faster. SERAFIM Ltd has also built a reputation of delivering world class quality work in conventional Reservoir Engineering work such as Reservoir Simulation and Field Development Planning.

From simple to complex

SERAFIM Ltd methodology starts with building simple models based on our knowledge of Reservoir Physics. We believe that simple models are valid ways to gain understanding of the project in the face of uncertainties and lack of data. The more understanding we gain, the more details we can include and the more complex models become. Eventually, we create project specific algorithms to guide decision making and to study uncertainties. Our track record shows that our approach leads to optimal decisions consuming less of our clients’ valuable time.

Systemic approach

SERAFIM Ltd approaches projects with a systemic view: we use appropriate methods and account for their benefits and also for their limitations. For instance, reservoir simulations are critical tools but their results must be put in context. This entails a thorough understanding of the assumptions made in the model, of the known and unknown reservoir and flow properties, and of the uncertainties. As a result, SERAFIM Ltd takes the view that by building our understanding of the entire reservoir system (geology, geophysics, petrophysics, fluid properties etc), by using simpler models, and by studying the effects of the limitations of the information and tools, a better analysis of simulator results is achieved.

Business benefits

Business decisions based on reservoir and production studies are crucial to any company involved in the oil and gas E&P industry. Therefore, it is critical that they are approached in a way that looks at the project as whole and uses the most successful thinking tool available: mathematics. We aim to deliver great value to our clients, maximise their returns and exchange knowledge and experience with them. We always tend to leave a sustainable tool in the form of an innovative algorithm or method. We believe that the competitive environment in the industry favours those who look outside the box and challenge traditional thinking.

Beyond consultancy

SERAFIM Ltd continually seeks opportunities for innovation (see white papers) and we work closely with our clients to identify opportunities to do so. Moreover, our mathematical approach allows us to gain insights in Reservoir Engineering that are otherwise imperceptible. Our successful development and implementation of numerous algorithms in our integrated asset model Serafim FUTURE is a demonstration of our innovative culture.