SERAFIM Ltd is a company with a philosophy. We believe that mathematical thinking and methods are the best way to generate new ideas and to reach optimal solutions for the type of problems encountered in Reservoir and Financial Engineering, which depend on a large number of uncertain and interdependent factors. We use this philosophy to help our clients make business decisions based on tailored models that simplify the complexity of the problem, take into account the interconnectedness between the factors involved and capture the adequate behaviour of these factors.

Mathematics with a purpose

We use mathematical thinking and derivations to help our clients gain the best possible insight into their business decisions. We work with asset managers, reservoir engineers and financial engineers. Our methodologies allow our clients and us to detect opportunities and save time. Better insight and an understanding of the effects of interconnected factors lead to innovative solutions and remove unnecessary work. SERAFIM has used mathematical reasoning on a number of complex design problems, ranging from full oil field developments to the design of suction anchors. The results have been improvements to the designs that have been worth many hundreds of millions of dollars to the clients.