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Are you looking for more than a set of simulator profiles, churned out and put in a report?

Experienced managers and engineers in the oil industry all too often see more junior staff, lost in the details of their latest big computational models, failing to analyse properly the key decisions that need to be made – “What recovery mechanism shall we use? How many wells do we drill? What facilities capacity do we need? How do we operate the artificial lift system? What do we do if reservoir permeability is better than we expect?”

To solve these problems and to derive early on the insights that would otherwise come from long and expensive experience, SERAFIM Consultancy uses mathematics and simplified system models in conjunction with the industry-standard computational models.

If you want high-quality reservoir and petroleum engineers with the tools to see the big picture, contact SERAFIM Consultancy.

  • Challenging non-standard problems
  • How can mathematics help your business decisions?
  • Our approach
  • Why is our service relevant for you?
  • Our offer
  • Success stories

Challenging non-standard problems

SERAFIM Consultancy has a proven record of accomplishment when it comes to successfully tackling non-standard problems in Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering. In many cases, as a result of working on a non-standard problem, we have created algorithms, based on a set of equations that we derived. Our clients continue to use our innovative methods and we have implemented several of our developments in our software packages.

C-Curves, Free Gas:Liquid Ratio, Dual Discount Rate for Project NPV are only a few examples of our achievements. We believe that our unique set of skills allow us to reach innovative solutions faster adding excellent value to our clients’ business.

How can mathematics help your business decisions?

Our unique set of capabilities and problem solving approach saves our clients weeks of effort.

Our unique set of capabilities and problem solving approach saves our clients weeks of effort

When we tackle a problem, we attempt to maximise the use of the, generally, scarce information available. Be it production history, petrophysical or geological data, we transform it into meaningful information by approaching it from different angles using different tools. For instance, we implement simple data mining techniques to understand the quality of the data or the interrelationships that may exist between apparently different unconnected parameters. We also derive theoretical limits for the probable variance of the data in order to avoid studying impossible cases when working on uncertainty issues. We thus uncover otherwise non-obvious interpretations/limitations of the data improving your decision-making.

Our approach

We believe that our strength resides not only in the combination of skills and experiences that we have but also in the way we do things internally and with our clients. We work with our clients closely to define the problems they attempt to solve (be it an entire project (field development, acquisition, reservoir management etc...) or a non-standard problem (modelling unique reservoir behaviour, solving a complex production allocation problem, estimating the economic value of heavy oil fields etc). We then agree with our clients on a specific formulation of the problem that we model analytically before moving to work that is more detailed. We also work on maximising the use of the data available by mining for interrelationships and quality issues. The major contribution that SERAFIM Consultancy provides to its clients is the problem specific analytical model that will be used both to understand the situation better and to assess the detailed work (like simulations).

Distinctive set of capabilities

Our work with clients (directly or through virtual teams), is supported by our capacity to learn and innovate. We have a strong record of accomplishment of deriving specific formulations for non-standard problems and the development of cutting edge algorithms to solve them.

Moreover, we enjoy sharing our knowledge with our clients and learning from them.

Why is our service relevant for you?

We can add true value to your business when working with you on technical issues central to your business. We may be helpful if you are:

  • Looking for high quality reservoir and petroleum engineers capable of using both the industry-standard software and basic mathematics and engineering reasoning.
  • Needing additional resources to carry out in-depth analyses of the opportunities you come across
  • Challenged by non-standard reservoir engineering problems
  • Needing a simple yet robust analytical model of the behaviour of your reservoir to make an immediate decision
  • Studying the potential of a field using a limited amount of information
  • Setting up a calculation methodologies for a commercially sensitive parameter (production allocation, production optimisation, lift optimisation, specific project assessment measure etc)
  • Engaging in R&D projects and wanting an outsider’s input

Our offer

Our consultancy service can offer support on:

Standard problems

  • Project appraisals and economics
  • Field development planning
  • Reservoir characterisation
  • Reservoir modelling and simulation
  • Acquisition appraisals
  • Reservoir management
  • Production optimisation
  • Risk analysis

Non-standard problems

  • Modelling unique production fluid characteristics
  • Modelling unique reservoir behaviours
  • Solving complex calculations such as production allocation
  • Optimisation of field development
  • Pressure networks
  • Production

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