FUTURE® Updates

The Table below describes the latest updates FUTURE has gone through, both Adaptive and Fixed versions 
are represented.
Version Release  TO Release Date*   Type of Change Description
Fixed Adaptive x 2022-05-31 Bug Fix Fixed a bug with reordering the list of Forecast in the "Edit Stochastic Calculations" dialog. x 2022-05-28 New Feature Loading production table from database can now load FBHP and FTHP if it is supplied (but older queries without this data still work).
Bug Fix Fix of a small bug with the FPR chart data for multi-completion wells with a reservoir-well datum shift on one or more of the completions (N.B. this bug did not affect the main output profiles, just the FPR chart data). x 2022-05-21 Bug Fix Fixed feporting of well numbers during history in the export of merged history & forecast profiles.
Bug Fix Fixed undo of paste.
Bug Fix Fixed pipeline calculations in a node with step-child nodes, but no child nodes. x 2022-05-16 Bug Fix Fixed a problem with the calibration of A & F factors in wells without any historical production. x 2022-05-14 User Experience Pipeline (VFP) table maximum rates are no longer taken as constraints (this removes the anomalous scaling of such constraints with pressure).
User Experience Better wording of log entries about incomplete convergence. x 2022-05-12 User Experience Difference Forecasts of two roll-ups now also calculate the differences in incremental sales profiles, as well as the differences in well-head profiles
Bug Fix Fix of an omission of the calculation of operating days in Difference Forecasts
User Experience A warning is given in the Session Log when a well or node's flow rates are outside the bounds of the well or node's pipeline (VFP) table and any consequent discrepancies between the linear approximation and the pipeline table are not reported (because any error is as likely to be the result of the extrapolation of the table as of the linear approximation). x 2022-05-04 User Experience In gas composition variable splits, prior estimates of CO2 fraction are kept and used after shut-ins for the linearisation of the condition that the composition is the same to parent as it is to step-parent (so use of well potentials is restricted to the first Simplex iteration in the first time-step (otherwise, low CO2 facilities with some high CO2 wells could find it impossible to reopen after a shut-in).
Optimization When opening a Model, all "SELECT" statements now include "ORDER BY Name" (or other suitable field), to help ensure that successive calculation runs with the same parameters give, as far as possible, identical results.
Optimization Recursive calculation of Node uptime has been replaced by a non-recursive calculation, reducing some model run times by 25%.
User Experience Improved control enabling/disabling in Edit Well form. x 2022-04-28 User Experience The production table starting point option "Cumulative since beginning of table" has been renamed "Standard method (honor table EUR)", to encourage users to select it when in doubt
User Experience Incremental wells that have historical production are now changed to be normal wells
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with nodes that have no flow other than lift-gas supply
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with reserves report for selection with missing forecast x x 2022-04-26 Bug Fix Fix of a bug with the update of GOR's that honour the last prior historical or well-test data. x 2022-04-24 Bug Fix Fix of a bug with cancelling "Add Network" and with the search for lowest shut-in to deal with the situation of there being no feasible solution to the linear problem. x 2022-04-18 User Experience A minor update - in forecasts that report incremental wells separately, fluid composition is now reported for wells (previously, such reporting was omitted because of an oversight, but this had no effect on calculations). x 2022-04-12 Bug Fix A minor update, fixing bugs with injection tables and loading Planned Changes. x 2022-04-07 Optimization Anonymization now applies multipliers in a more systematic way.
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with repeated modifications in roll-up forecasts.
Bug Fix Fix of bugs with injector tubing calculations (VFPINJ tables).  Note - there will be a further update in a few days with improvements to convergence for injector tubing calculations.
User Experience Load Properties from Excel for Planned Changes now takes blank values for constraints to be no constraint (previously these were taken to be "<Unchanged>"). x x 2022-03-11 User Experience Both the adaptive and fixed versions are updated with a minor improvement to opening damaged models. x 2022-02-20 Rollout of cumulative updates x 2022-02-16 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug with the reporting of uptime on nodes with zero rates for all fluids except the user-defined fluid. x 2022-02-12 User Experience Better notification message if an incremental sales tranche has all its new wells disabled
User Experience Edit table of Nodes now includes a column for sales allocation restriction to a category (previously this was viewable/editable only when editing nodes in the Edit Node dialog) x 2022-02-09 User Experience Improvements to the behavior of the new license dialog
Optimization Improvements to the allocation of incremental sales when the physical wells in the tranche have zero production. x 2022-02-07 Optimization Calculation speed for networks with multiple layers of nodes has improved by approximately 20% (by replacing recursive functions with non-recursive functions called in the required sequence).
New Feature There is a new option for creating a reserves or reserves difference report (i.e. head forecast minus base forecast) for selected entities (wells, reservoirs, nodes) etc. The new functionality is accessed by clicking on FUTURE Main Menu > Reports > Reserves Summary for Selection. x 2022-02-09 User Experience Improvements to the behavior of the new license dialog
Optimization Improvements to the allocation of incremental sales when the physical wells in the tranche have zero production. x x 2022-01-29 Bug Fix Fixed a problem with the "Remarks" column not operating correctly in "Edit Table of Planned Changes"
Bug Fix Fixed an error in Curb start dates in Impact Reports. x 2022-01-22 Bug Fix A minor update, fixing a slowness that crept in with V6.1.6.0. (The development environment had reset to default an important memory management parameter; the fix includes code to detect and warn about any recurrence). x 2022-01-15 New Feature Updated with three levels of license:  - "Enterprise" with all functionality - "Professional" without pressure, risk and incremental sales calculations in large (>25 wells) models - "Community" - free of charge, but limited to a maximum of 25 wells
Optimization Improvements to speed-up of reserves reports. x 2022-01-09 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a problem with the transfer of licensing for a third-party software component to a new development machine (the problem could cause the Node diagram to display "Trial license" text). x 2022-01-05 Bug Fix Fix of a minor display bug that occurred when a sort was carried out during the initial load of the Well Approval Manager window
Optimization Removed an occasional change in the Node/Well order in which the linear solver calculations are set up (this could give rise to different choices of priority where there were several wells of equal value) x 2021-12-25 New Feature A minor update, adding user-defined fluid rates, cumulatives and capacities to "Export to Excel" (in three extra columns or rows added to the end of the existing data). x 2021-12-23 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug with the drilling sequence window failing to display a newly added Scenario.
Optimization Improved response time between switching Scenarios. x 2021-12-07 User Experience When editing a table of wells, changing the production model to an adjustable table applies the specification of number of points first (so the adjustable table honors the prior model at all of the points). x 2021-11-26 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a very rare calculation anomaly that can arise when there are constraints on fluid compositions and there is a flow split with one branch unable to accept any flow. x x 2021-11-03 Bug Fix fix of a bug with repeated Curbs
User Experience in the Approval Manager, selection of whole rows allows cell contents to be pasted to Excel x 2021-10-21 Optimization The maximum size of lists of previous versions of a model is reduced from 300 to 100
Optimization Unreferenced back-up models are deleted after 180 days (previously retained for 360 days)
User Experience Removal of an unnecessary error message with FPR charts
User Experience Minor improvements to form labeling x 2021-10-19 User Experience Added a warning if an attempt is made to copy and paste between separate FUTURE sessions (copy and paste works within a single model or between separate models open in the same FUTURE session). x 2021-10-12 Optimization A minor update reducing numerical problems that can occur with active Nodes with no wells flowing to them. 2021-10-11 User Experience Improved reporting of errors encountered when writing to log (e.g. problems with utility database connections). x 2021-09-28 Optimization Simplex pivots are chosen by the method of steepest ascent/descent. This speeds up larger models by 20% or so.
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with the bulk export of JPEGs of decline charts. x 2021-09-23 New Feature Well-test data can be loaded from Excel (previously, it could only be loaded from a database)
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with gas-lift calculations in wells that are recipients of incremental profiles and have the option that the minimum TGLR only applies below the maximum gas-lift rate. x 2021-09-17 User Experience A minor update to enable v6.1 to open Models that contain entities whose names differ only by case (which was allowed, with warnings, in v6.0 and earlier, but was forbidden in v6.1). x 2021-09-16 Bug Fix Fix of a bug (originated in v6.1) with copying wells
User Experience Pipeline/Tubing tables with repeated entries no longer give an error - instead, FUTURE ignores the repeated data
Optimization Improvements to filtering of Session Log x 2021-09-14 Optimization Faster undo of table edits of Curbs and Planned Changes
User Experience In table edits of Curbs and Planned Changes, the entity name is editable
User Experience Improvements to log messages from the Simplex calculations. x 2021-09-08 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug with remembering the state of folded group boxes in the network diagram.
6.1 x 2021-10-01 Rollout of cumulative updates (see details below in entry for A6.1 (2021 Sep 5)
6.1 x 2021-09-05 Optimization Use of upper and lower bounds on individual variables in the Simplex calculations. This typically reduces run-times for large (300+ wells) models by 40%
New Feature Wells and modifications can be grouped into "Activity Groups" of multiple wells/modifications. The Activity Groups can be put into Work Sequences or given start dates and all their members will have their individual start dates shifted accordingly (For example, a well on-stream date can be specified as being 90 days after the drilling of the well).
New Feature There is new "Load Properties from Excel" functionality that enables you to create new wells, curbs, etc. and read in their properties from Excel in a single step.
New Feature Added new process diagram icons for use in network diagrams.
Optimization Various speed-ups with the GUI updates.
User Experience Log information is more structured. x 2021-08-21 Bug Fix Fixed a bug with the output of well counts for Well Elements in Forecasts using "Report incremental profiles separately". x 2021-08-05 New Feature Users can open Models or databases from lists of "Recent Models" or "Recent Databases" (see screen-shot below)
Optimization Improvements to saving of address of session log (to try to fix an intermittent bug that might be caused by ClickOnce deleting its old application data directories) X 2021-07-14 User Experience For wells that are recipients of incremental wells, lift-gas calculations (application of minimum TGLR) are now applied to the (original physical well profile + share of incremental well profiles). x 2021-07-10 Bug Fix Fixed a bug in the initialization of water-in-place volumes in material balance calculations in roll-up forecasts (other forecasts would have been unaffected). x 2021-07-09 User Experience Incremental wells are prevented from having abandonment criteria (water-cut criteria gave unexpected results when oil-rate was negative and water-rate was positive).
Optimization Speed up of filling entity list.
Bug Fix Fix of bug with copying models (it failed to copy pipeline tables specified in Planned Changes). x 2021-07-04 Optimization A minor update, with an improvement to the pressure linearization scheme. x 2021-06-09 Optimization A minor update that sets FUTURE to use all available CPU groups, as described in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/configure-apps/file-schema/runtime/thread-useallcpugroups-elementNote - this has no effect on machines with only one CPU group (generally only servers with more than 64 logical processors have more than one CPU group). x 2021-06-03 User Experience A small change in uptime calculations and in forecast output. The update will bring FUTURE's behavior closer to what most users expect to happen with uptime calculations. x 2021-05-31 User Experience Well inflow performance calculations (i.e. liquid productivity index or gas pseudo-pressure A and F factors) are adjusted for changes in the liquid:gas fractional flow at reservoir conditions, under the assumption of fully segregated flow.
User Experience Better defaults when gas composition is only partially specified (e.g. just CO2 fraction), to avoid anomalous Z-factors.
Optimization When the Simplex calculation finds no possible solution, there are improvements to the identification of the lowest node/well that gives rise to the problem
Optimization Increased margin on THP when trying to ensure that the Simplex calculations allow all wells to be shut-in
Optimization Increased compression of profile and FPR data written to the database
Bug Fix Fix of a bug with exporting reservoir profiles in variant forecasts to Excel x 2021-05-19 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a problem with the incremental sales calculations. x 2021-05-16 User Experience The linearization of the reservoir inflow performance curve now ensures that zero flow is feasible (i.e. compatible with the current THP and VFP linearization). This is to prevent the situation that wells are shut-in to prevent a poor quality well from being unable to flow.
User Experience In line with the FUTURE usage that "oil" = hydrocarbon liquids (including condensate), while "condensate" = that part of "oil" that FUTURE calculates originates from vaporized oil in a gas leg, charts etc. now use "OGR" instead of "CGR" (there is no change in calculations; this is purely a change in naming). x x 2021-05-12 User Experience A minor update that applies to both the adaptive and fixed versions, removing small values in incremental sales profiles that are due to noise (in the start period where lower and the upper forecast for the incremental tranche in question should be identical).
Note – For the fixed version, this is also a cumulative update. x 2021-05-10 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug with use of "Save As..." while reading of historicals was still in progress. x 2021-05-08 User Experience Sharing out of incremental sales of condensate, water and solution gas , when their well-head rate totals for the wells in the tranche are zero, is now done in proportion to well-head oil or gas rate totals.
Bug FIx Fix of bug with changing tubings.
Bug Fix Fix of bug with gas-lift calculations in multi-segment wells. x x 2021-05-05 Bug Fix Fix of a bug with database-writing of uncompressed profiles for difference forecasts.
User Experience Adjusted date range in the interactive chart for spectres loaded from RSM files that have "YEAR" data rather than "DATE" data (i.e. profiles that begin at date = 0 or 1 Jan 1900). x x 2021-05-02 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug in the material balance calculations in roll-up forecasts. NB - the bug may have caused errors in incremental sales calculations in models that used material balance pressure calculations. x 2021-04-28 Bug Fix Lack of a proper error message when wells are created from an Excel list with duplicate entries
Bug Fix Problems with handling dates in "Edit Table" when the Windows date format allowed single digit day or month entries (e.g. "1/1/2021" instead of "01/01/2021"). Note - this problem had on occasion significant consequences, such as causing changes to well start dates; also, it is not yet known whether the changes (which modify the date format to use "01" in place of "1") in A6.0.3.16 will provide a complete solution to this problem. x 2021-04-26 Bug Fix Fixed bug with multi-threaded writing of log information to SqlServer.
Bug Fix Fixed bug with linearization of the VFP relationship for a well node with a lower well element shut-in by the network solver.
Bug Fix Fixed bug with calculation of well inflow performance parameters for a well whose reservoir reads pressures from a table.
Bug Fix Fixed bug with abandonment of wells using an oil-cut decline that are under pressure control.
Bug Fix Fixed bug with arrangement of interactive chart windows when a secondary monitor is vertically above the primary monitor. x 2021-04-22 Bug Fix A minor update adjusting dialog locations when using multiple monitors. x 2021-04-22 Bug Fix A minor update fixing some small bugs.
User Experience Introduced the following keyboard shortcuts in the Approval Manager:  Ctrl E - Filter by "Entity equals current cell"  Ctrl F - Filter by "Entity does not equal current cell"  Ctrl G - Clear all filters x 2021-04-17 User Experience CGR and WGR are shown in the "Ratios" chart (in addition to water-cut, PGOR, TGOR, PGLR, TGLR and uptime).
User Experience Added Undo functionality for changes of node parentage by dragging connectors.
User Experience Calculation of inflow performance now suggests calibration to (if available) last historical rate and reservoir pressure at that date.
Bug Fix Fix of bug with creating Reservoirs from Excel list.
Bug Fix Fix of bug with startup form set to be the Network diagram.
User Experience Improvements to labelling. x x 2021-04-06 Bug Fix Fixed a bug introduced in the previous (FUTURE A/F update. x x 2021-04-06 Bug Fix A minor update fixing a bug that prevented decline autofits from updating correctly after editing table of wells. x 2021-03-24 User Experience A minor update that removes an unnecessary warning when switching Scenarios. x 2021-03-21 Optimization Adjustment to round-off criteria in Simplex algorithm (to fix a situation where FUTURE was misidentifying round-off errors as the result of non-feasible constraints)
Bug Fix Fix of a bug in the utility for generating gas well A and F factors (NB - the bug did not affect the network calculations; what it did, in some circumstances, was to fail to calculate suggestions for A and F factors for new wells) x x 2021-03-18 Bug Fix Fixed a bug with the calculation of variant forecasts when saving results only to database (not to memory). x 2021-03-10 User Experience Incremental wells now take reserves only from wells with the same primary fluid.
Bug Fix Fix of bugs with utility for calculating well pseudo-pressure inflow A and F factors.
FUTURE v6 x x 2021-01-13 FUTURE Version 6 release for both fixed and adaptive forms.
* Change log entries are sorted by version number, not by release date.
Description of types of change:
·         New Feature – changes that add new functionality to FUTURE
·         User Experience – changes made to improve the user experience
·         Bug Fix – changes made to correct unwanted behavior
·         Optimization – internal changes in FUTURE to improve its performance or maintainability