Petroleum Engineering Information Management Tools

Serafim PERIMETER is a range of services offered to asset managers, senior reservoir engineers and technical directors. Serafim PERIMETER brings together a unique range of skills to solve client-specific E&P information management problems. It specialises in providing data transfer, conversion and analysis solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and to speed up business processes.

Data utility maximisation

In oil and gas exploration and production, the acquisition of different types of data is a costly business. If you add to that the cost of data manual manipulation and the opportunity cost of not properly turning your data into meaningful information, the total cost quickly soars. SERAFIM Ltd brings its unique combination of skills and experience to help you make the most of your data. Our database design skills allow us to access your data. Our technical and mathematical skills allow us to rationalise the use of your data and to develop quality checking and analysis algorithms. Our programming skills allow us to implement a sustainable solution for you with a user friendly design.

Client specific solutions

We take a client focused approach that is based on fully understanding your business needs from the perspective of all those involved.

Serafim PERIMETER can make a difference when…

  • Your geological / petrophysical data are not easily accessible to your reservoir engineers
  • You do not wish to purchase expensive application to carry out a specific calculation, for example 4-D seismic interpretation or other exploration dat
  • You have a large amount of geology / petrophysics / reservoir / production data dispersed into several databases and or spreadsheets
  • Your engineers find it difficult to study their data across a field / reservoir / formation type etc.
  • Complicated algorithms are required to interpret your E&P data
  • You need to implement a corporate data and information management policy
  • You require systemic checking of the quality of data entered in your main databases
  • You require a systemic analysis of your data management systems to avoid conflict, replication and manual transformations

No one size fits all solution

Serafim PERIMETER is not a brand for a product or a software package; it is a brand for a range of customer focused services. Unlike other information management providers, in SERAFIM Ltd, we do not believe that there is a universal solution to data management and interpretation. We believe that each case is unique and that by developing client specific solutions, which may include mathematical algorithms to help analyse the data, we can contribute to making the most of your informational assets. Research shows that client tailored information management solution are more sustainable and lead to more efficient use.

Data quality checking and data analysis tools

Serafim PERIMETER adds to your analysis power

Using Serafim PERIMETER allows you to own tools that will help you analyse disparate data quickly and efficiently. You will be able to gain knowledge and transfer it economically. Your future decisions will be more informed. In short we specialise not only in facilitating the transfer of data between software packages and databases, crucial for saving time and increasing productivity, but also in generating specific analysis and interpretation tools. Almost all solutions we develop offer secure storage, collaboration and approval features. They are based on innovative algorithms, simple, user-friendly and highly scalable.