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Petroleum Engineering Information Management Tools

SERAFIM Ltd believes that wherever there is inefficiency, there is opportunity.

We strive to generate benefits to our clients by helping them tackle problems that the multitudes of incompatible software they use inevitably create. We stitch the different bits and pieces of your simulation packages, reserves databases, geological data repositories etc together so that your engineers spend more time on productive tasks rather than chasing information.

Serafim PERIMETER is the name we have given to the range of services we can offer in this area. We use programming and database tools to create the ‘stitches’ that can link disparate parts of your I.T. infrastructure.

  • Example 1 A client based in the North Sea wanted a platform for 4D seismic. Rather than buying an entire new application, the client asked us to create a C++ utility executable to convert acoustic impedance data in SEG-Y format into Eclipse format arrays of apparent changes in pressure and fluid saturations.
  • Example 2 Transferring production forecasts between two applications was wasting several man-days per year of a client's scarce reservoir engineering resources. We wrote code to modify the data so that a direct database-to-database link could be set up.

Our track record of achievement is based on what we are. SERAFIM Ltd is a company with a unique combination of skills: we bring together, synergistically, Reservoir/Petroleum Engineering expertise, advanced mathematical abilities and database design knowledge to create innovative information management solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry. We have established a track record with the creation of Serafim FUTURE, an Integrated Asset Model designed specifically for the reservoir engineer.

The SERAFIM Ltd difference also resides in that we are not primarily software vendors, we are solution developers. We create solutions tailored to your specific needs and based on the understanding of your processes. We guarantee full support for the users of our solutions. We are always ready to adapt to their changing requirements swiftly and accurately. We are team players and believe that building strong relationships with our clients is the best way to offer them benefits.

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