The Reservoir Engineers’ Integrated Asset Model

Serafim FUTURE is a software package developed by SERAFIM Ltd, in association with ADDAX, to provide an integrated asset model specifically for reservoir engineers.

It ties together reservoir simulation results, historic production data, and surface network constraints to forecast future production, study the behaviour of reservoirs under different constraints, and optimise field developments.

This is achieved through a combination of standard methods, innovative algorithms developed by SERAFIM Ltd, and a design that allows the reservoir engineer to express their understanding of the problem.

Serafim FUTURE: The reservoir engineers’ integrated assets model

Serafim FUTURE was developed to meet the specific needs of Reservoir Engineers for an integrated asset model that does not require running numerous reservoir simulations and builds on their knowledge of the reservoir or set of reservoirs under investigation.

Serafim FUTURE allows the optimisation of subsea-surface facilities system economically using approximate reservoir models before embarking on more detailed time-consuming simulations. Using SERAFIM Future cuts the cost of reservoir simulations significantly.

Build on your knowledge of the reservoirs

Serafim FUTURE is based on a philosophy that we share in SERAFIM Ltd and which is the foundation of our products and services. We believe that modelling in only one step in solving the sort of uncertainty-riddled problems that reservoir and petroleum engineers are constantly faced with. The final step is to reason and interpret the results of various models. Hence, tools developed to support their work must allow them to construct both simple, approximate models that give an over-view and detailed, full-physics models that confirm results. Serafim FUTURE embodies this philosophy.

Simplicity, sophisticated workflow management and scalability

Simplicity and sophisticated workflow management are fundamental features of Serafim FUTURE.

Serafim FUTURE is user-friendly and offers numerous ways to reduce processing time. They include advanced import and export options; production forecast models based on innovative optimisation algorithms; innovative database design; and simplified material balance.

The database behind Serafim FUTURE was designed in a way that enhances portability, transferability and security. It stores all the data centrally so that it is accessible from anywhere.

Serafim FUTURE is a highly scalable software package. It is designed to be used with equal ease by a wide range of users: from individuals using a Microsoft Access database stored on their machine to unlimited number of users sharing access to a SQLServer or Oracle database and using sophisticated security and access management features.

When used on an asset or a corporate level, production forecasts written to the database can be declared as ‘approved’ or not. The approval process can be customised to mirror your corporate policies. The aim of the approval process is to ensure the integrity of the information, for instance, for auditing purposes.

As a result, the aggregation and secure storage of production profiles becomes an easy task based on methods and meanings shared by the entire team and your reserves update exercise will never be daunting.

Prove your guess

With Serafim FUTURE, you can gain tangible insights into your field development options. Scenario building, which is enabled by work scheduling and change definitions, helps you to understand the impact of different choices on your business objectives. Serafim FUTURE, thus, maximises your ROI and helps you optimise your decision making both early in your field development process and throughout the life of the field.

Focus on what matters

With Serafim FUTURE there is no wasted time with data transfer. Future reads raw input from numerous commercial software packages and exports output in standard formats, such Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and even JPEG image files.

Your contact at SERAFIM Ltd will also create solutions for your specific data management needs. For example, a query can be written for you to fetch data in an OFM database and write it automatically in a format importable by Future. This is a one off task; you will be able to use the same query with any field you work on.

Resultantly, Serafim FUTURE allows you to focus on value adding activities.

Invest in your software

Serafim FUTURE is software that evolves constantly. We understand that every business has its own practices and procedures and we are ready to design and implement specific features you require. These may be additional import/export options, charting options, calculation options, information management options, security options, etc. Moreover, you can control Serafim FUTURE programmatically from any .COM compatible software (Microsoft Excel for example) to implement non standard features through the object oriented architecture of the software. You can also link Future to other algorithms such as Monte Carlo calculations with @Risk or Crystalball.

Make use of pioneering methods

The mix of skills and knowledge in SERAFIM Ltd has allowed it to pioneer several methods and techniques in the field of reservoir engineering that you can access in Future. For instance, algorithms, such as the Free Gas:Liquid and the simplified material balance method, have been developed with the view that, in many cases, the uncertainties and the incomplete knowledge of a reservoir make the use of detailed and complicated reservoir simulation models of limited value. In recent years, companies like BP have started designing reservoir and field management procedures that are in line with this view (TDRM®).

Moreover, Future offers the most comprehensive decline analysis models in the industry. They include the traditional exponential, harmonic and hyperbolic models, as well as the innovative C-curve method (see technical notes). This collection, together with the interactive curve fitting tool, offers a uniquely flexible decline analysis instrument.

Make the most of your information, people and assets with Serafim FUTURE

In a truly global and competitive industry, the limits of spreadsheets and manual data management are reached rapidly and the need for tools that provide consistency and security emerges. Serafim FUTURE allows you and your entire team to use a common platform without worrying about portability, consistency and transferability. It helps you construct of clear case for your decision making quickly both in terms of calculation time and processing time. It helps you free a lot of human resources to work on constructive tasks.

Main features

  • Forecast:
  • Production: oil, gas and water
  • Optimised gas injection
  • Water injection
  • THP, BHP, pipeline pressures
  • GOR/BSW Inclusion of work sequence or scheduled changes
  • Flexible import/export options
  • Robust database design Security and approval system
  • Innovative ‘C-curve’ decline curve method
  • Fast running time and personalised database querying
  • Flexible definition of network node behaviour distinction production/injection
  • Well production / choke etc.
  • Pumps defined by pump curves, VFP tables etc
  • Uptime/availability
  • Production forecasts reported per reservoir; any type of node such as platforms or pumps
  • Flexible charting tool and scenario comparison charting
  • Programmatic control and easy tie to other software