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The Reservoir Engineer's Integrated Asset Model

Serafim FUTURES is an integrated asset model designed specifically for reservoir engineering and field development planning to enable you to answer such questions quickly and accurately.

The benefits of using Serafim FUTURES are:

  • Much faster, easier alternative to the use of linked simulation models for groups of reservoirs producing to shared facilities.
  • Auditable and secure alternative to error-prone spreadsheets for editing and merging your production profiles.
  • Better tools for your decline analysis and annual review of reserves.
  • Fast calculation of effects on production of changes to drilling timings and well-rates avoiding full reruns of simulator models.
  • Dramatic speeding up of your business unit decision-making loops.
  • Earlier “First Oil” dates for your developments and re-developments.

Should production from the new discovery be handled by a sub-sea tie-back to existing facilities?

Serafim FUTURES can be run either interactively or programmatically.

Its features include:

  • Wide range of reservoir models
  • From reservoir simulation
  • Decline models for oil/gas/water
  • The free gas–liquid ratio method (innovative material balance calculation for gas-liquid systems)
  • Sequential linear programming algorithm for solving pressures and constraints
  • Fast run times – 45 secs for 20 years profiles for a 20 reservoir, 14 platform, 87 well system
  • Database functionality for storing, retrieving and auditing both input and output data
  • Controllable from Excel, for e.g. Monte Carlo calculations with @RISK or CrystalBall.
  • Robust object-oriented architecture

What will be the effect on my business unit production plan if the wells planned for the three new fields take 55 days, rather than 40 days on average to drill?

Serafim FUTURES was developed in conjunction with Addax Petroleum Corporation, operators of 100,000 bopd production in West Africa and has become a central part of their petroleum engineering work-flow. Talisman is another customer, using Serafim FUTURE on the Claymore-Scapa group of fields.

Some free licenses are available for academic users, consultancies and private individuals.