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The world's most powerful Oil and Gas forecasting system

With FUTURE®, you can use a single system for the full range of forecasting-related work-flows - long-term forecasting for Business Planning and Reserves; medium-term forecasting for development planning and de-bottlenecking; and short-term forecasting for Production Operations.

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FUTURE® is the World's first true general-purpose oil/gas production forecasting system. It is the first system that, in a few minutes, can run full oil/gas integrated asset model calculations for large systems with the daily time-steps needed for short-term forecasting.

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FUTURE® is a single system that replaces confusing mixes of over-lapping software - the DCA application, IAM software, business planning spreadsheet, STPF system etc.

FUTURE® is the world’s fastest integrated asset model (IAM) software. It is 1000x faster than other IAM software (see SPE 200754), so is as suitable for operations as for studies and so can be considered the first truly general-purpose IAM.

FUTURE's simplicity and efficiency will make major improvements to your forecasting work-flows. Your Petroleum Engineers will be able to specify, simply and auditably, the expected performance of the facilities and wells, giving better quality forecasts. Your Petroleum Engineers will then spend less time on waiting, and more time on increasing value!

What it does

Serafim FUTURE® is a software package developed by SERAFIM Ltd, in association with ADDAX, to provide an integrated asset model specifically for reservoir engineers.

It ties together reservoir simulation results, historic production data, and surface network constraints to forecast future production, study the behaviour of reservoirs under different constraints, and optimise field developments.

This is achieved through a combination of standard methods, innovative algorithms developed by SERAFIM Ltd, and a design that allows the reservoir engineer to express their understanding of the problem.

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Simplicity, sophisticated workflow management and scalability

Simplicity and sophisticated workflow management are fundamental features of Serafim FUTURE.

Serafim FUTURE® is user-friendly and offers numerous ways to reduce processing time. They include advanced import and export options; production forecast models based on innovative optimisation algorithms; innovative database design; and simplified material balance.

The database behind Serafim FUTURE was designed in a way that enhances portability, transferability and security. It stores all the data centrally so that it is accessible from anywhere.

The Reservoir Engineer's Integrated Asset Model

Serafim FUTURE® is an integrated asset model designed specifically for reservoir engineering and field development planning to enable you to answer such questions quickly and accurately.

The benefits of using Serafim FUTURE® are:

  • Much faster, easier alternative to the use of linked simulation models for groups of reservoirs producing to shared facilities.
  • Auditable and secure alternative to error-prone spreadsheets for editing and merging your production profiles.
  • Better tools for your decline analysis and annual review of reserves.
  • Fast calculation of effects on production of changes to drilling timings and well-rates avoiding full reruns of simulator models.
  • Dramatic speeding up of your business unit decision-making loops.
    Earlier “First Oil” dates for your developments and re-developments


Serafim FUTURE will always be a good deal for you, because its cost will never be more than 50% of your direct savings.

The pricing of FUTURE is aimed to deliver a win-win situation for our customers and Serafim. We recognise that nobody benefits if software pricing limits the number of concurrent users and engineers need to ask their colleagues to free up a licence. Hence, FUTURE is generally sold under a corporate or business unit licence, with no limit on the number of users.

Our current (November 2021) list prices are as follows

  • Purchase of a permanent corporate licence (unlimited users) is in proportion to (operated + equity share of non-operated) production - USD $180,000 for a company producing 100,000 boe/day
  • Purchase of a permanent individual licence is USD $45,000
  • Purchase of a multiple-user licence is USD $35,000 per named user (subject to a minimum of five named users)
  • Leasing per annum (as an alternative to purchase; includes support) is 35% of the relevant purchase price
  • Support per annum is 15% of the current relevant purchase price

These prices could be discounted if appropriate, in line with the following principles

· The list prices are for full use of FUTURE. If the company used FUTURE only occasionally (e.g. to work with FUTURE models and data from a partner company), then the purchase/lease and support prices would be discounted

· The list prices are based on the assumption that the direct benefits of using FUTURE would be at least double the costs. If not, then the purchase/lease prices would be discounted.

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Download Future, Adaptive Version:

Version: 6.1.8.x

Software Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

If these components are already installed you can launch the application now.

If not, then please click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application:

Install Future, Adaptive Version

Download Future, Fixed, 64-bit version:


Software Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

If these components are already installed you can launch the application now.

If not, then please click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application:

Install Future, Fixed Version

If you need access to previous versions of Future - including the 32-bit version - please get in touch.

By downloading the FUTURE® software, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the End User License Agreement here.

Important Note:

We have some exciting changes to our license structure. Each download comes with the option of three licenses:

Community License:

Free to use for up to 25 wells.

Professional License:

Allows for more than 25 wells, with the exclusion of pressure calculations, incremental sales calculations and risk calculations which are not available. Licenses are available either on a per user or on a corporate (unlimited users) basis.

Full License:

Allows for unlimited wells and all calculations. Licenses are available either on a per user or on a corporate (unlimited users) basis.

You can read our full EULA here.