4D Seismic Functions Library

A client based in the North Sea wanted a platform for 4D seismic.

Rather than buying an entire new application, the client asked us to create a C++ utility executable to convert acoustic impedence data in SEG-Y format into Eclipse format arrays of apparent changes in pressure and fluid saturations. For more details, please view the file below.

Import an eclipse grid and sample SEGY data into it.

4D seismic is a rapidly developing subject and you may find yourself looking for software to apply your rock physics algorithms. We recognise that it is not always practical to purchase complete applications and with this in mid, we have developed a software library of functions to perform geophysical calculations and seismic data conversion, utilising the SEGY and Eclipse formats.

This was originally created for Enterprise/Shell as a means of calculating implied water saturations for a North Sea seismic data set.

Software Capabilities

Seismic Data Conversion

  • Import 4D data in either SEGY or Eclipse format.
  • Import simulation geometry.
  • Export data in SEGY or Eclipse formats.
  • Exported files are created to user defined parameters.
  • Enables you to use 4D results in your existing geophysics and reservoir engineering applications.
  • Developed in C++ and can be used in UNIX and MS Windows environments.

Calculate water saturations in an oil field from a variety of seismic data.

Rock Physics

As well as allowing you to convert data from one format to another, our software can also be used as a platform for performing rock physics calculations.

  • Calculate expected Sw and pressure from imported 4D data.
  • Calculate the changes in seismic properties expected from simulator-predicted reservoir dynamics.
  • Can be customised to your choice of rock physics algorithms.