SERAFIM Products®







"Sophisticated simplicity"

Serafim FUTURE® is a production forecasting and reserves management application and database. It is designed to aggregate production forecasts from various sources, such as reservoir simulation models, material balance calculations and single well models. Future has the capability to store historic production data and analyse individual wells with decline curve analysis. Multiple production forecasts can be combined and subject to drilling schedules, facility and pipeline production capacity and pressure constraints. The resultant production forecasts can be stored for future reference and as an audit trail.

Future incorporates the option to generate P10, P50 and P90 scenarios as input to a reserve and resource data base in an efficient and fully auditable way. Future aims to replace some of the complicated spreadsheets that reservoir engineers are often forced to use with something quick, simple, more auditable and less error-prone. At the same time, it is a network-solver application for calculating production profiles from one or many fields operating under pressure and capacity constraints. Read more...

Serafim PERIMETER ® is a range of services offered to asset managers, senior reservoir engineers and technical directors. Serafim PERIMETER brings together a unique range of skills to solve client-specific E&P information management problems. It specialises in providing data transfer, conversion and analysis solutions to eliminate inefficiencies and to speed up business processes. Read more...

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