FUTURE V5.4 released
Belfast - 1st March 2019

FUTURE V5.4 was released on 1st March 2019, as a functionality update to V5. It give further options in decline analysis and in stochastic calculations.

FUTURE Training in Beijing
Beijing - 9th July 2018

Serafim is delivering FUTURE training to Sinopec petroleum engineers in Beijing - the first time Serafim has been involved with such training in China.

FUTURE V5.0 to be released on 1st Oct
Belfast - 24th Sept 2017

FUTURE V5.0 will be released on 1st October 2017. It has improvements in all areas of functionality, including stochastic calculations, a new linear solver and numerous speed-ups to enable FUTURE to work quickly even with very large models.

BSP to use FUTURE for its 2017 ARPR
Seria, Brunei - 10th August 2017

Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has decided to use FUTURE for its 2017 Annual Review of Petroleum Resources.

Belfast - 7th June 2016

FUTURE V4 has had a major upgrade to V4.3, with significant improvements for large models, pressure calculations and shorter-term forecasting.

Generic Algorithms Project
Belfast - 19th February 2016

With assistance from Invest NI and the European Regional Development Fund , Serafim is launching a new project to generalise and extend FUTURE's current functionality, in a process similar to code refactoring, to ensure that FUTURE can be a comprehensive tool for all oil- and gas-fields.

Belfast - 9th May 2015
FUTURE V4 has had a major upgrade to V4.1. Users will be automatically prompted to accept the upgrade when they next start up FUTURE. V4.1 has a number of significant improvements for shorter-term forecasting.

Talisman/Sinopec UK using FUTURE for reserves
Aberdeen - 1st Mar 2015
Talisman/Sinopec is now using FUTURE for its annual update of reserves.

More FUTURE Help Resources
Belfast - 11th Oct 2014
To improve the provision of support for users of Serafim FUTURE, we have set up a users' site at, where users can have access to the Serafim Help ticketing system, to a users' forum and to a knowledge-base of problems and how to fix them. We have also put a series of training videos at

Co-operation with Gibraltar Software
Belfast - 10th June 2014
Serafim is now being assisted by the US-based Gibraltar Software for user-interface improvements to FUTURE.

FUTURE V4.0 released
Belfast - 21st Jan 2014
FUTURE V4.0, with improved charts, better modeling of work-overs and support for Cloud-based databases is now released and is available for download

Maersk Oil widens use of FUTURE
Aberdeen - 11th Oct 2013
Maersk Oil UK has joined Maersk Oil Qatar and Maersk Olie og Gas in using Serafim FUTURE as a reserves management and production forecastng system.

Talisman/Sinopec trialling FUTURE
Aberdeen - 15th Sep 2013
Talisman/Sinopec UK has started a trial of Serafim FUTURE, to assess its suitability as a replacement for forecasting spreadsheets in reserves evalation and other tasks.

McDaniel to use FUTURE
Guildford - 5th Aug 2013
McDaniel International has decided to use Serafim FUTURE in consultancy work and reserves forecasing on capacity-constrained oil-fields.

FUTURE V3.6 under testing
Belfast - 28th Feb 2013
FUTURE v3.6, with new features including running customised spreadsheet calculations during a FUTURE run, is now under testing.

Urgent client request for new well prioritisation feature
Qatar - 25th July 2012
In response to an urgent request from a client, Serafim has developed a new feature in FUTURE to allow production from certain wells to be prioritised. The feature adds an individual well value multiplier term to FUTURE's network solver objective function. The new feature was requested on 12th July 2012 and delivered on 23rd July. Read more...

New Training Course
Belfast - 15th June 2012
Serafim now has developed a new training course for Future. The course focuses and follows a practical example giving the participant hands-on experience of the key features of the software.

FUTURE v3 final release
Belfast - 13th May 2012
FUTURE v3 has now in full release, after a year as a Beta version - a year in which it was being extensively used and continuously enhanced. The new version is significantly faster, more reliable and more flexible than FUTURE v2. See details...

Successful Conclusion of SPD's Trial of Serafim FUTURE
Belfast - 2nd March 2012
Salym Petroleum Development (SPD) has finished their trial of Serafim FUTURE, concluding that its functionality meets their requirements

1200 well network run on FUTURE v3.4
Belfast - 20th February 2012
A Future model with more than 1200 wells, multiple oil and water constraints etc is up and running, taking two minutes to calculate High/Medium/Low life-of-field production profiles.

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