Version Updates





You can check here for details of the updates.

Generally Future updates are automatically provided to the user each time the software is opened. You can also check for updates using the help menu inside the software. This may be different for some users in corporate managed IT environment.

FUTURE v3.4.7.1 -13 Jun 2012

This update to FUTURE v3.4 has the following improvements

  • Minor bug fixes
  • In the on-screen charts, injection water is now a more visible
    shade of blue
  • In the on-screen charts, there is a button to toggle all the curves on and off (see screen shot below). During the next week, this will be upgraded to give you a convenient method of selecting en-masse (e.g. all oil curves) which curves to display
  • When Table Editing a group of wells, switching from Decline to Table Production Models now uses more suitable default values

Notes -

FUTURE v3.4 is the full release version of FUTURE v3. The "Alpha" and "Beta" v3.3 versions are now out of date. Users in Maersk who have v3.3 deployed by Maersk IT will have the update applied in the next few days. Other users who have v3.3 installed from the web should install v3.4 from the Future page.

FUTURE v3.4.7.0 - 11 June 2012

This update to FUTURE v3.4, has the following features

  • With interactive editing of decline curves and adjustable tables, you can now right-click on the curve to a menu of option (see screen-shot below)
  • Visual C++ .dll (used by SqlServerCe) is now included with the deployment files (in case your machine does not already have a copy)

DCA Image

FUTURE v3.4.6.1 - 27 May 2012

This update has the following minor changes

  • A newly created scenario is now given the properties of the first scenario (rather than default properties)
  • The functionality to set a scenario to use the properties of a given scenario in the database is now directly under the "Forecasts" menu item (it was a button in the Edit Scenario Properties dialog and was difficult to find)
  • When starting calculations, Future checks to see if there is historical data available after the start-date. This is now performed quicker.

FUTURE v3.4.5.3 - 21 May 2012

There is a new version of Future with some minor bug fixes. "Settings for current model" has been moved from "View" to "File".

FUTURE v3.4 32-bit and 64-bit

The full release of version 3 - v3.4 - is now on the web in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It updates to using SqlServerCe 4.0, but this is installed as part of the Future install (not as a separate installation), so it does not need admin privileges.

FUTURE v3.4.5.2 - 15 May 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.4.5.0 - 13 May 2012

We have done some further work and now the 64-bit version is also self-contained (other than needing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0), so you will not need a separate installation of SqlServerCe 4.0

But please note that .ftrx files opened by the new version (using SqlServerCe 4.0 instead of 3.5) are converted (after the user gives permission) and can no longer be opened by earlier versions of FUTURE.

Future v3.4.4 - 12 May 2012

Features include

  • Ability to load mixed monthly and daily historical data
  • When editing a table of nodes, it is now possible to change each
    node's parent.
  • Calculation of selection of THP and nodal pressures and pressure
  • Update to use Microsoft SqlServerCe 4.0
  • Improvements to deployment of 32-bit version
  • Minor bug fixes

Please note that the 32-bit version is self-contained and works without needing any separate installation of SqlServerCe, but the 64-bit version needs the installation of Microsoft SqlServerCe 4.0 (from
Without this, machines with 64-bit Future v3.4 already installed will not pick up the update.

FUTURE v3.3.2.11 - 22 April 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.3.2.9 - 23 February 2012

Minor bug fixes.

The following improvements are expected in v3.4

  • Significant speed ups (on one system, the time to calculate and finish writing to database a big model was reduced by factor 3)
  • Update to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (this is the layer just above the operating system on which .NET programs, such as Future, run).
  • Speed up of Table Edit of wells, reservoir etc - especially Paste, Fill Down
  • Infill wells (you specify the well's incremental UR; Future calculates its acceleration of other wells production)

Version 3.4 can be made available for installation as soon as you require, but it should be noted that it requires

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (full version, not Client). If this is not already on your machine, it requires admin privileges to install.
  • A full installation of Future v3.4 itself. (Because of the update to the .NET framework, it cannot be treated as an update to v3.3.x)

FUTURE v3.3.2.7 - 8 February 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.3.2.5 - 1 February 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.3.2.4 - 10 January 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.3.2.3 - 6 January 2012

Minor bug fixes.

FUTURE v3.3.2.2 - 27 December 2012

This version of Future has the following changes

  • Node abandonment criteria - you can now specify abandonment oil rates or produced gas rates for nodes
  • Change of treatment of abandonment of wells with rate multiplier - now the abandonment applies to the post-multiplier (i.e. actual) rates, rather than to the pre-multiplier rates
  • Improved warning message when you try to open a .ftr file with the 64-bit version of Future .
  • Improved handling with "Import Drilling Sequence from Excel" of trying to select Range prior to specifying spreadsheet
  • It is now possible to change Planned Change names in Table Edit (this will be extended to wells, nodes etc later)
  • An error is now raised when importing an RSM file with duplicate dates
  • Export to PHDWin
    1. Has an extra option - "Simple CSV"
    2. Now can export individual forecasts (as an alternative to all the forecasts for a given model)
    3. Fix of a small bug in "Browse for file" during the export of CSV files
  • Minor bug fixes.