Serafim FUTURE®







"Sophisticated simplicity"

FUTURE® is the World's first true general-purpose oil/gas production forecasting system. It is the first system that, in a few minutes, can run full oil/gas integrated asset model calculations for large systems with the daily time-steps needed for short-term forecasting.

FUTURE is a single system that replaces confusing mixes of over-lapping software - the DCA application, IAM software, business planning spreadsheet, STPF system etc.

With FUTURE, you can use a single system for the full range of forecasting-related work-flows - long-term forecasting for Business Planning and Reserves; medium-term forecasting for development planning and debottlenecking; and short-term forecasting for Production Operations.

FUTURE's simplicity and efficiency will make major improvements to your forecasting work-flows. Your Petroleum Engineers will be able to specify, simply and auditably, the expected performance of the facilities and wells, giving better quality forecasts. Your Petroleum Engineers will then spend less time on waiting, and more time on increasing value!

If your asset is more than a single reservoir flowing to a single facility, you need FUTURE®.

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